Preventative measures and treatment

Hammertoes are commonly seen as a bending in the joints of the toes, with the exception of the big toe. As pressure is put on the toes they begin to tighten into place. This is often seen as a result of wearing shoes that are too tight or ill-fitting.

Treatment options

Hammertoes start as a mild deformity at first. The toes may still be flexible in the early stages and symptoms manageable. If left without treatment, hammertoes can become rigid and will not respond to simple treatment options.

Shoes are an important factor

Hammertoes can be significantly impaired by the shoes that you choose to wear. A hammertoe can begin to form when cramped into a tight  position. Let our team show you the right shoes to wear to help avoid hammertoes from forming.

Common hammertoe symptoms:

  • Pain or irritation of affected toe
  • Difficulty wearing shoes
  • Development of corns or calluses
  • Inflammation, redness or burning sensation
  • Contracture of toes

Don't let the pain of hammertoes stop your life. Contact us today for effective treatment.