Comprehensive Foot Care
We treat the majority of foot and ankle issues here in the office. Whether you have foot pain, toenail issues, swelling, or callouses, Dr. Mackler will assess and treat your foot ailments.

In-House X-Ray
Radiology is a diagnostic tool we use to look inside the feet and ankles in an entirely non-invasive way. X-rays allow us to create images of all the bones in the foot.

The images produced by digital radiography are of much better quality than film radiographs and can be manipulated digitally, giving us the best possible radiographic information to help us help your discomfort and pain.

The use of radiology is safe, and our entire staff is highly trained. It is our goal to provide you with the highest level of medical care possible, and this is just one of the many ways we achieve that.

Over-the-counter (OTC) Products
Bolingbrook Foot Specialist is proud to offer exclusive products for your convenience! A majority of products that we carry are not available for purchase elsewhere, only in doctor’s offices. We carry products to treat dry skin, callouses, pain, and more. We also carry OTC orthotics!

Outpatient Surgical Procedures
Dr. Mackler is an experienced surgeon and performs most surgical procedures at nearby outpatient hospital facilities. Only minor procedures are performed in the office, such as ingrown toenail removal, callous debridements and the like.

Custom Foot Orthotics
Here at Bolingbrook Foot Specialist, we provide custom foot orthotics. Custom orthotics are specifically designed to fit your feet and provide the utmost support and comfort. They match the shape of your feet and are designed to keep up with your day-to-day activities. We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your feet, ankles, and legs, creating a completely custom shoe designed just for you and your needs.

Physical Therapy
On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 2 pm to 6 pm, we have a licensed physical therapist come into the office. She is an independent practitioner, and we do not take care of her billing nor her scheduling, apart from the referral and initial appointment.

Our compassionate and educated physical therapist will work with you every step of the way. Results of an injury can vary from person to person, so it is important to speak with her to see how she can help you. Our number one goal is to get you back on your feet, comfortably!